Aerobic Landfill Technologies Inc.

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  • Odours, a major "not in my back yard (NIMBY)" issue, are virtually eliminated
  • Greenhouse gases are minimized
  • More carbon credits are generated and in significantly less time than any other technology
  • Leachate is aerobically treated and eliminated prior to any seepage
  • Leachate can be collected and reintroduced into the aerobic landfill for treatment and elimination
  • Landfill life is significantly extended
  • Groundwater contamination is mitigated
  • Wastewater sludge can be processed
  • Closed landfills can be reclaimed as new landfills or recovered for development land
  • Landfill footprints can be dramatically reduced - more than 100 years of waste can be processed on a footprint of 8 years (4 cells with 2 years of waste per cell)
  • Post-closure perpetual maintenance is eliminated
  • Safety systems can be examined and repaired as required after the landfill is mined
  • Valuable products can be recovered
  • The sustainable aerobic landfill becomes a recycling center (an asset - NOT a liability)
  • Communities can recycle their own waste thereby eliminating costly transfers to other sites
  • Compost can be used for daily cover, construction, non-food agricultural use, municipal or personal use, or clean fill
  • Costly blue box & green box programs can be eliminated
  • Only one collection stream is required
  • Closed landfills, with environmental issues, can be rapidly remediated at minimal cost
  • Pre-sorting of recyclables, a manually intensive, costly and extremely hazardous process for workers  (chemicals, needles, broken glass, propane tanks and other hazards) can be eliminated

ALT's aerobic process resolves more environmental and operational issues more effectively and efficiently than any other landfill technology.

The many advantages of the sustainable aerobic landfill include:

The United Nations has published a graphic outlining preferences for waste management. Beyond  "Prevention" and "Minlmization", the sustainable aerobic landfill solution addresses the highest levels of the hierarchy.