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John Baxter, Founder & President

John has a degree in economics, and has worked in finance with a variety of organizations including international manufacturers and Canada's largest brewer, Labatt's. John has been involved with the aerobic process and related activities for over 20 years, specializing in the recovery and reuse of landfill materials.

Leon Green, Aerobic Specialist

Leon has a master's degree in environmental engineering and served in the US navy for 20 years, retiring as commander of a nuclear submarine. Leon is widely regarded as the world's foremost aerobic landfill specialist. Leon has worked all over the world with the aerobic landfill approach for more than 25 years. Leon provides technical and consulting services to ALT.

Sean Speer, VP Engineering

Sean has a doctorate  in environmental engineering and is a Professional Engineer in Alberta. He has worked with landfills for over 15 years and has five years of direct involvement with the aerobic approach, receiving practical knowledge and tutelage from Leon Green.

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