Aerobic Landfill Technologies Inc.


    A landfill with:
  •   No odours
  •   No anthropogenic greenhouse gases (methane)
  •   No toxic leachate
  •   No closure liability

    A landfill that:
  •   Minimizes environmental risk immediately!
  •   Maximizes carbon credits
  •   Eliminates the need for new permits and expansions
  •   Extends operational lifespan
  •   Recovers valuable airspace
  •   Generates additional revenues
  •   Saves millions in management, disposal and cleanup costs
  •   Reduces insurance liability

ALT's proven aerobic landfill technology provides all of these benefits --- and MORE!
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To change landfills around the world from costly, toxic liabilities to environmentally friendly, sustainable assets!

Aerobic Landfill Technologies Inc. employs innovative technologies that radically reduce the risks and high costs associated with existing waste management procedures.